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The patented Sportscale System is an athletic scale and web platform that integrates facial recognition and a custom, interactive console. Weights are stored automatically and can be viewed in the Sportscale Web mobile app. The Sportscale System was made specifically for athletic teams and creates unmatched efficiency for repetitive weight tracking. Whether you need a scale for wrestling, use weights to assess hydration loss, or want better oversight of team weights, our automated system is an industry-changer for athletic trainers, strength coaches, and wrestling staff.

Exclusive Features of the Sportscale System

Sportscale has a solution for every budget. Invest in the ultimate solution for tracking weights with the Sportscale System and receive all of our exclusive features. Or, start with our mobile app, Sportscale Web, and see the impact of easy-to-access data and safety alerts on the go.

The Scale

With facial recognition, or a person-specific passcode, athletes independently interact with the scale and their data is recorded in the cloud.
The scale is built to fit the most powerful of athletes, having an oversized 20x20 metal platform able to accurately measure weights up to 400 lbs.
The scale is proudly built in the USA for durability, reliability, and a positive user experience. We selected the very best components to ensure our customers are happy year after year.
Athletes not only receive weight data while on the scale but also customized messages from staff, which are especially important when unsafe weight changes are detected.
Other exclusive features include: wifi or ethernet compatibility; the option not to display weight to the user; weight is displayed to a hundredth of a pound; and more!

The Web & Mobile App

Leave the math to us! We have automated weight change calculations for weight changes during practice and between practices. When thresholds are exceeded, you get an alert!
The Watch List shows a quick snapshot of athletes who may have excessive hydration loss and triggers a mobile alert.
Your account security and privacy are important to us. All accounts are password protected. Please review our policies.
Data can be viewed from a mobile device, making oversight possible from anywhere!

Get the total package with Sportscale System.

– Scale
– Web App
– Mobile App

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Or, kick things off with the Sportscale Web & Mobile App.

– Mobile Watch List Alerts
– Custom Data Reports
– Athlete & Team Profiles

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The Sportscale has made weigh-ins and weigh-outs easy!

"Before the Sportscale, I was wasting so much time recording weights and trying to keep up with weight changes and that affected my time for treating patients. Now, I am able to do pre- and post-practice treatments without being distracted by collecting athlete weights. The Sportscale has truly helped me use my time better and give more care to my patients."

Hallie Sayre, MAT, ATC; Athletic Trainer, South Central HS

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Sportscale was invented by an athletic trainer to enhance athlete safety and provide maximum efficiency for repetitively tracking weight. The days of paper records, clipboards, and spreadsheets are over! Improve your efficiency, precision, and productivity with a Sportscale solution.

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