The Smartest Scale in Sports

The Ultimate Solution for Better Data in Less Time

Invented by athletic trainers, our patented scale, combined with Sportscale Web, will provide maximum efficiency for repetitive weight tracking. Featuring a biometric login for athletes, Sportscale System is built so the athlete can interact independently with the scale to store weights and receive weight change feedback. The scale works in conjunction with Sportscale Web to provide the many time-saving features. Sportscale is designed sleek but built tough; the oversized metal platform is made for the most powerful of athletes.

Athlete Recognition

Custom Feedback

with Sportscale Web


Doing Weigh-Ins Our Way

Exclusive Features of the Sportscale System

The scale is built to fit the most powerful of athletes, having a sturdy 20x20 metal platform and able to accurately measure weights up to 500lbs.

With facial recognition, or a person-specific passcode, athletes can independently interact with the scale and have their data reliably recorded. Once the weight is collected, the data can be accessed virtually from a mobile device, making weight checks possible from anywhere!

Weight data is stored automatically and no one needs to stand with the scale and record others' weights. Retire the spreadsheets and weight charts!

Whether tracking weight loss for hydration or pursuing target weights/goals, athletes will receive real-time feedback about weight loss and rehydration details, as well as customized messages from athletic trainers.

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